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2023-11-01 08:00:00
Review | A Memorable Journey at the 2023 Canton Fair

The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is one of the largest trade fairs globally, showcasing a diverse array of products spanning industries such as electronics, fashion, and much more.

As we look back on our journey at the 2023 Autumn Canton Fair, we can obviously feel the passions and excitements from all participants.

On-site Funny Incidents:

Our booth gathered several international buyers, importers, and potential clients. Many of these visitors had been keenly following our products and experienced our cutting-edged scent marketing solutions. Visitors from around the world flocked to our booth, motivated by both curiosity and interest in our exquisite aroma diffusers. The allure of our carefully selected fragrance distributed by aroma diffuser was irresistible, attracting those who passed by or those who sought scent marketing solutions tailored for their business places in diverse settings.


Based on our colleague's on-site experience, one foreign participant amusing incident left a lasting impression. He went to the restroom and noticed an aroma diffuser (SCENTA AE105) installed on the wall. The delightful scent and compact design took him by surprice. He wanted to learn more about its functions and operation. This curiosity led him to our booth, where he shared his experience and explained the reason for his visit.

Besides, there are several visitors from various industries who admired the advanced technologies embedded in our aroma diffusers. They were pleasantly surprised by our product’s functionality and particularly impressed by the features tailored to their market characteristic, including cold atomization, ultrasonic and air pump technology, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi IOT capacibilities, and other technologies, which left a strong impression on the attendees.


Showcasing Our NEW Products:

During the exhibition, we showcased our star and new products, the A311 Smart Desktop Aroma Diffuser, and the A316 Tower Hotel Aroma Diffuser. There luxury and sleek design not only captured the attention of many but also left an enduring impression due to their aesthetic design and functionality. Accoring to our colleague on-site, one client expressed interest in purchasing our A316 Standalone Aroma Diffuser in bulk for his home appliances and house furnishings company beacause of its generous capacity and extensive coverage.

The small one, A311, is designed to complement home decor with a focus on designers’ creativity. It introduces a fresh and unique element to our lineup of home aroma diffusers, while the A316 is tailored for the hospitality and resort industry due to its extensive scent coverage and generous bottle capacity. Both models generate an ultra-fine mist, ensuring a consistent and efficient distrition. They work quietly to improve air quality by diffusing essential oils that combat allergens and unwanted odors. You have the flexibiligy to customize your aromatherapy experience with adjustable mist levels and precise timing.

Our compact aroma diffuser, the A603 and A807, continue to be the popular choice. They are available in versatile versions for both home and commercial use, appreciated for convenient portability and elegant aesthetics.

Global Market Trend-Scent Marketing

An intriguing trend emerged during this exhibition, revealing a growing number of enterprises, including those in emerging fields, delving into scent marketing to expand their market presence and enhance their brand image, all in the pursuit of delivering superior customer experiences. These forward-thinking businesses recognize the potential of scent marketing as a strategic tool, particularly in the service industry. It is evident that the significance of scent marketing is on the rise.


At SCENTA, we specialize in the manufacturing of commercial aroma diffusers, with years of dedicated research and development. We are resolute in our mission to leverage the power of scent to benefit each and every client.

For wholesale aroma diffusers and cutting-edge scent marketing solutions, contact SCENTA today!

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