1. Adopt touch screen operation system, pioneer in scent marketing industry.

2. Combine atomization mode with fan diffusion mode, use each other's strong points to make the fragrance spreading quicker and more even.

3. With fragrance anti-theft lock.

4. 3 working periods setting are available for every day, ensure flexible use.

Scent and Aroma Diffuser Machine

SCENTA scent diffuser machines adopt the most advanced two fluid atomization technology, through the impact of the high-speed air flow, the fragrance could become the nanometer particles. Therefore, the particles come out from our scent diffuser machines would not stick on the wall or other object, they will rebound and spread further. No residue, no adhesion, environmentally friendly.
SCENTA scent diffuser machines take advantage of the efficiency of scent, via scenting the interior space to make it a comfortable place, to communicate with our end customers. Our scent diffuser machines have passed CE,FCC,RoHS certification, contain a timer, 3 working period setting is available for every day. Atomized grade is adjustable. All the programs are for the purpose of humanized use.
Some new additions are coming soon: A1 smart aroma diffuser machine, achieves Bluetooth remote control, easily to be set the program. This aroma diffuser machine is a battery diffuser that the installation places are flexible. 1 set of battery could be used more or less 1 month. Besides, it contains a program screen inside that you can set working period/concentration grade as well as our current machines.
SA002 aroma diffuser machine, particles will spread quickly, the operation convenient, the fragrance replacing step is simple, which is suitable for family use. Besides, office, hotel rooms, lobby, chain restaurant, brand stores, and other places could also choose this model too.