Electric Fragrance Diffuser

Electric fragrance diffuser is a derivative of the current aroma diffuser machine.This kind of diffuser mainly target in hotel lobby,bar,KTV,showrooms,supermarket,clubs and other business places. Through the high-speed air flow technology, the particals came out of the electric fragrance diffuser could also spread further and further like our current aroma diffuser machines do.

SCENTA electric fragrance diffuser series is divided into the HVAC connected diffuser, portable diffuser and small space diffuser, products are exported to Europe,Africa, Asia, South America, North America and so on more than 60 countries. SCENTA has gradually developed into a leading brand of fragrance diffuser.

The advantages of SCENTA electric fragrance diffuser:

1. Could connect to HVAC and any other air condition system

2. No residue, no adhesion, environmentally friendly.

3. Spread evenly

4. Patent high-speed air flow technology

5. Touch-screen buttom, smooth and smart.

6. Working period setting adjustable