Scenta's mission is to assist our customers to achieve business goals with the help of scent marketing.

Scenta is a pioneering scent delivery system manufacturer, the exclusive owner of the cutting edge
atomizing technologies-Nano technology and Twin-fluid spray technology. Our aroma machines
which deliver safe fragrance without heat can provide you a comfortable fragrance experience.
Contributing competitiveness and value to your brand.

Scenta has a highly creative and quick response R&D team. They dedicate in
developing new systems and upgrading exist line according to market trends.

We have the honor to service for hospitality industry, brand retail
stores, conference building, auto dealers, shopping centre,
entertainment center and home so far.

Scenta adopt patent Twin-fluid spray and high-speed air flow technologies to atomize essential oils into nano particles.

Versus traditional low-performance heat type, Scenta machines can atomize the essential oil thin enough to rebound integrality when crashed by any object. In that case the particle will not stick on wall or pipeline, most importantly, scent will spread to every single corner in the room.

1. Adopt touch screen operation system, pioneer in scent marketing industry.

2. Combine atomization diffusion and fan diffusion modes, mutual complementarity ensure the scent spreading faster and more evenly.

3. With fragrance anti-theft lock.

4. 3 working periods setting are available for every day, ensure flexible use.